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Tomorrow’s Railway

The iconic image of diesel-powered trains, both past and present, resembles that of a dying transportation model. Since the early 1800’s, when steam-powered locomotives replaced horse-drawn wagons as the popular means of travel, people have utilized trains for a variety of transportation purposes. But as society grows and evolves, so too do our conveyance needs.

Enter a futuristic means of travel called ET3, or Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies. Essentially, this technology is a mode of vacuum travel, much like hurtling through space in a ship; completely frictionless and extremely fast. Imagine being able to travel from Washington D.C. to Beijing in 2 hours, reaching speeds of 4,000mph in just 3 minutes, and all without leaving the ground.

That’s the transportation standard of tomorrow as presented by ET3.com Inc. The inventors of this technology sealed a patent for ET3 in 1999, and seem to have perfected its design and worldwide application, with detailed information displayed on their website for interested parties.

ET3 tubes are electrically-powered and produce zero noise-pollution. They’re also ecologically-friendly, safer than most other travel methods, and the consummate archetypes for energy efficiency. Because of their minimalistic component needs, the construction of the ET3 tubes costs 1/4th that of a freeway, and 1/10th the cost of a high-speed railway.

Currently, ET3.com claims that 60 licenses have been sold to multiple countries across the globe, meaning that we could see prototypes and concepts very soon. The model offered on the company’s website shows a 1.5m(5 feet) passenger car, capable of seating up to 6 people comfortably. The tube’s top speed across the United States will only peak at 370mph, but that will still take you from New York to Los Angeles in 45 minutes.

ET3 travels at light speed in comparison to high-speed rails and bullet trains. The company predicts that their technology will be globally implemented within 10 years, and likewise will herald the end of gas-guzzling diesel locomotives. For more information about ET3 technology and to watch a neat demo video, click HERE.


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