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The Singularity – What Is It?

In the near future, science predicts that an event known as ‘The Singularity’ will occur that will permanently change the face of humanity.

This event may be anything from the development and manufacturing of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence, to creating virtual worlds in which we spend more time online than we do in real life.

Many scientists and technology forecasters assume that we will reach this anomalous paradigm shift sometime around the year 2050. Their predictions on what will catalyze the event differ quite significantly, though most agree it is certainly on the horizon.

Already more and more advanced AI’s are being showcased by universities and research groups, such as Honda’s ASIMO robot, and the University of Zurich’s ROBOY.

Theories range from the creation and wide implementation of driverless vehicles, deep space travel, the colonization of Mars and the Moon, another world war, reaching the Earth’s population limit, or the ability to “immortalize” ourselves through medical and technology advancements.

Other researchers suggest that this event won’t be anything technological at all. Rather, they think it could be a cataclysmic climate shift, an asteroid impact, the discovery of extraterrestrial life, or a medical breakthroughs.

Regardless of what actually propels the event, the effects from the singularity will be felt by everyone. It might change how we function as a species. If the event turns out to be the emergence of highly intelligent robots, then we would have to learn how to adapt to such a societal transformation. Likewise, if the event is some sort of tragic climate disaster, then our attitude towards how we take care of our planet would obviously cause deep alterations in lifestyle.

There really is no way to prepare for the event, as we have no way of knowing what or when it will occur, and if it will be a negative or a positive happening. A few scientists even speculate that this event is a figment of science fiction’s imagination, and that life will continue unaffected by any technological advancements.

However, all opinions aside, by the year 2050 we should know exactly what to expect from The Singularity.

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