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The Charge Cycle

Modern Smartphones can do millions of operations per second but they drink power from a battery like a vampire and we are constantly searching for a power socket to keep them alive.

Due to this fast power decay, many coffee shops and hotels have power outlets which allows the user to charge their device when required but David Krawczyk & Navjot Kaur of New York have come up with a concept of greener and far healthier ways to charge your phone.

The technology they have devised is the same decade old “dynamo” concept but the project is spiced with extra features mixed with the right blend of technology.

The ‘charge cycle‘ project hopes to bring a large number of stationary bikes together to allow anyone to charge their Smartphone. All you have to do is to jump onto the seat and peddle the wheel and the time taken to charge your phone is the same as when you charge it with a power outlet.

The difference is that this type of charging is eco-friendly and you burn calories as you peddle the cycle. The charge cycle has all types of connectors including 30 pin and 8 pin so you need not ask anyone for cables and the usage of this bike is completely free and open to the public.

The real catch is that the project uses a web based and mobile application so one can simply download the application and locate the nearest charge cycle. Additionally the user can access the fitness log in the app to show them exactly how much power they have generated and how much fat they have burned while they cycled.

With this mobile app one can really get motivated to exercise at the same time as charging their phone for free in the greenest possible way.

Right now this project is waiting for funding from Kickstarter but once the funding is through we will hopefully see many cycles available in public places which not only charges your phone but also keeps you fit for free.

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