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Freestanding Solar Canopy Offers Shade and Power

Freestanding Solar Canopy Offers Shade and Power

Image source: nrgsolar.com

Generating solar power with an array of solar panels on the roof or as a pole-mounted array could be a boon in many different situations, but being able to get solar electricity while complementing, not competing with, the existing architecture can be a challenge.

However, if there was a way of installing solar power systems without major construction or disrupting the visual appeal of a location, we may see wider adoption of this clean energy option. And with the introduction of NRG’s Solar Canopy, that just got a lot easier.

“We designed the solar canopy to complement a full-scale solar installation, incorporating rooftop, ground mount or parking pavilion solutions. The functionality of your solar canopy is up to you, as it can be configured to be bi-modal, grid-tied or off-grid. It is available in different sizes (up to 22.5′W x 27′H) and power output capabilities (up to 7.2kW). It can offset your energy use when tied to the grid or power and charge a range of different equipment – such as your cell phone, computer, lighting fixture, point-of-sale machine, printer or light power tool.” – NRG

While this freestanding solar power source would be a great compliment to traditional buildings, temporary installations of the Solar Canopy for events or disaster relief could help solve remote power problems by tapping in to the sun’s energy, directly where it’s needed.

“In the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation, NRG began to take a more urgent look at providing a solution that could meet basic power needs in the event of a grid emergency. We believe in bringing renewable energy solutions—like the NRG Solar Canopy—to customers in new and innovative ways that extend beyond the rooftop so customers are not limited in their approach to energy independence.” – Tom Doyle, president and CEO of NRG Solar

Find out more about the Solar Canopy at NRG, including the answers to commonly asked questions about the system.

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