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Freebies That Help Creative Types Create

Free is fun. Especially when what is free also helps to rev up one’s creative side.

From PSFK, the Maker’s Manual is a free download that offers a survey of available resources for project development.

Freebies That Help Creative Types Create

Image source: psfk.com

The handbook goes over information about prototypes and projects, along with tools to spark ideas or even sell a product.

Freebies That Help Creative Types Create

Image source: psfk.com

Freebies That Help Creative Types Create

Image source: psfk.com

If music and running codes are your thing, check out Wavepot. It is an open-source platform for making electronic music that is based in JavaScript.

Still in the early stages, the developers want to work out bugs and enhance the technology but in the meantime are letting users play around. There are different demos to have a look at that go over things like how to program beats per minute or set tunings and transpositions. Users can have a hands on experience with basic or more complex activities like switching out oscillator styles and editing notes and noise levels.

The creators note that though it is nowhere near a fully functioning Digital Audio Workstation, they are aiming for crowd funding and collaboration to someday direct the project to that level.

To heighten an interest or learn more about a particular field, MIT OpenCourseWare offers free undergraduate and graduate level online courses.

The classes come complete with syllabus, calendar, assignments, projects and resources. Students can search by topic and download materials for tons of courses.

For instance, there are beginner classes like introduction to sustainable energy to architecture related workshops like sustainable design and technology research.

For more educational focused ingenuity, Delft University of Technology also offers free online courses in a range of levels at TU Delft. There are classes and accompanying projects on topics like energy, environment, water, health, infrastructures and mobility.

Their open study program lets learners earn a Certificate of Participation for completing courses.

Classes like bio inspired design provide a look into the field and offers practical applications.

A few of the other freebies offered are flash lecture presentations, a compilation of architecture software, open literature and sustainable innovation activities.

Please share any free and resourceful apps or sites for furthering creativity in the comments section below.

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