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Free Online Portal Provides Global GHG Data

Free Online Portal Provides Global GHG Data

Image source: wri.org

Making sense of the huge amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data from around the world can be a daunting task, but a new online portal aims to make that information more accessible and easy to use.

The Climate Analysis Indicators Tool, or CAIT 2.0, from the World Resources Institute (WRI) has data on the GHG emissions from all 50 US states, as well as 186 other countries, and lets users sort, view, download, or visualize the data sets for further analysis or comparison.

“Through its powerful yet simple and easy-to-use online interface, CAIT 2.0 is designed to help users from government, business, academia, and civil society, and the media efficiently explore, understand, and communicate climate data.” – WRI

The platform pulls key climate data from research centers, government agencies, and other international organizations, and the data sets chosen for the tool are based on specific criteria to improve accuracy and completeness of the sets.

The original CAIT was built and maintained from December 2003 through May 2012, but this 2.0 version is said to be a more robust tool, with an easier and more efficient user interface.

“For example, with just an Internet connection and a few clicks of a mouse (or a few swipes of an iPad), a CAIT 2.0 user can quickly pull up the international GHG emissions data set, narrow it down (by year, gas, country, etc.) for comparative analysis, and create simple data visualizations that can be downloaded or embedded. In addition, each specific data view has a unique URL, so users can share links to findings with colleagues, or save and return to a particular data view later. Users can also easily download the raw data for more detailed analysis and advanced visualizations.”

Here’s an overview of CAIT 2.0:

Explore the world of climate data and GHG emissions at CAIT 2.0.

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