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Free App Helps Calculate Household Water Consumption

Water conservation is an important part of learning how to live more sustainably, but other than looking at a water bill once a month, there isn’t an easy way to see where the water goes. But now you can easily get more waterwise by gaining awareness of just how much water your household consumes with this new free app.

The Water Use Calculator, from the National Ground Water Association, is a free iPhone/iPad app designed to help consumers build a better awareness of their own water use (and costs), and then help to reduce them.

The app offers a simple way to assess the current water use in households by asking users about the number of people using water at the residence, as well as how many bathrooms and showers are in the house. The Water Use Calculator then calculates how much water is being used for different features of the house, such as the toilets, showers, dishwasher, etc.

“It’s never been easier to estimate water use in terms of simplicity and convenience. The timing has never been better either. With widespread concerns about water scarcity due to climate change and population growth, the Water Use Calculator app can help inform consumers regarding their water consumption habits.” – NGWA Public Awareness Director Cliff Treyens

While it’s possible to do all of the calculations for home water use by hand, using figures freely available online, chances are that it might seem like too much work for the average consumer. But a free app like this one, which lets users enter the basic data into a simple interface and get instant information, could be a key component in efforts to go green and live more sustainably.

Grab the free Water Use Calculator at the App Store.

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