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Brewing Energy Crisis

There used to be a time when a home was considered luxurious when it was loaded with all the automated gadgets, was draped by the plush synthetics, and was lit well with mood sensor lighting. Well, times have not changed much. Even today, these are considered as the essence of a modern home. But what has changed with time is the need to reduce our dependence on artificial power and materials and rather to stick more and more with what nature is offering us freely.

In the modern era, energy and power are our main drivers. They are synonymously used as the backbone of our lifestyles. Our homes, transport, communication, even entertainment is dependent entirely upon these lifelines. Considering the dependence on these, it is not even vaguely possible to imagine our life with any of these missing.

Consider the situation where there is no electricity to light up our homes, no fuel to power our cars, no internet to keep us connected. The examples are varied and quite horrendous but considering the rate at which we are recklessly consuming our resources, it could soon be a reality. At the current rate of consumption we will exhaust our major deposits of fossil fuels in about 40 years.

As per the reports published by the UN Environment Program, at the current rate we will be demanding 140 billion tons of minerals, ores, fossil fuels and biomass every year by 2050. This is three times our current rate of resource consumption and far beyond what the Earth can supply.

Unless, and until, the human race learns to conserve energy and find alternative energy resources, our existence on this planet is threatened. The change is not expected overnight as well. But what needs to change is our prime dependence on the fossil fuels. The proportion of renewable energy sources has to be increased in our energy mix. As per the past data, less than 19% of energy is produced globally from “green” resources.

The efforts have to be taken up by individuals as well. Minute efforts like using public transport wherever possible, carpooling, reducing wasteful energy modes etc do add up to big savings in the long run.

It has to be realized that unless collective efforts are taken up our future existence is at an alarming stage.

Let’s focus our efforts to “STAY GREEN”.

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