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Food Tripping App Finds Fast Food Alternatives Near You

Many of us are exploring changes in our diet these days, either to be a little greener in our eating habits, or to cut down on the unhealthy effects that eating out all the time can bring.

Sometimes, just knowing what the other choices are can help us to make better decisions, and if you want some help in your efforts to eat healthier, there’s a new mobile app that can locate alternatives to fast food that are near you.

It’s easy to spot fast food joints, as their billboards and signs are very visible from most roads, but there are plenty of other options for eating out that are not quite as obvious, and Food Tripping aims to help change that.

“Food Tripping, the GPS-based app, shows you great options close to you with a fun, simple interface that puts the good stuff at your fingertips.

With a growing database of eateries, healthy food markets, farmers’ markets, juice joints, artisanals, microbreweries, organic coffee spots and more, Food Tripping makes it simple to find healthier and more thoughtful food while you’re on the road, or at home looking for inspiration.” – SHFT

The app, from SHFT.com and Ford Motor Company, features the ability to search for places to eat by location, name, category, or popularity, and then to view the details for each one. The database is not complete, by any means, so users are urged to suggest new listings for businesses that have healthy food options. And of course, because this is an app we’re talking about, Food Tripping lets users track their favorite places to eat and then share them via social media.

Find out more about this free app: Food Tripping, or go ahead and download it at Google Play or iTunes.

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