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Foldable Electric Scooter is Small Enough to Take Anywhere

For the ultimate in city commuting, a prototype electric scooter that folds up into the size of a small suitcase might be the just the ticket.

For a greener commute, many people are starting to choose bicycles and public transport when traveling within the city, while electric alternatives, such as the Segway, haven’t seen very wide adoption yet.

But if a new personal electric scooter, the MUV-e, goes from prototype to production, that could very well change.

One of the drawbacks to the Segway models, other than the high price and the need to learn how to ride one, is that they aren’t exactly easy to maneuver on and off of public transportation or up or down stairs, which can really limit their usefulness.

The MUV-e scooter, by Amir Zaid and partner Benny Shimon, was designed to be able to not only make city travel more convenient, but to also be easy to ride by anyone, even with no previous experience.

“We searched for a simple solution with some folding capabilities – something that anyone can use within two minutes of trying it. What results is that every user will know how to drive the MUV-e in two minutes.” – Zaid

MUV-e scooter

The MUV-e is a three-wheeled design that weighs just 25 pounds, and can be folded up to carry or pull behind you just about anywhere you want to go. When fully folded, the scooter takes up about as much space as a suitcase, and can be easily stored in a closet or coatroom while not in use.

The scooter has a range of about 10 miles per charge, with a top speed of about 20 mph, and can be charged via a standard outlet (110V or 220V options). The MUV-e connects to the user’s smartphone, which then acts as a speedometer/odometer, charge gauge, and navigation device, as well as being able to control the opening and folding of the scooter.

According to Israel21c, the MUV-e will eventually cost about $2,000 (basic version), or up to $3,000 for a version with a larger battery pack and customized skins. While the device is still a prototype, production of the scooter could begin when investment funding is secured.

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