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The F-Bike: The Future Of Commuting

Leave it to European researchers to re-invent the bicycle, considering that they’re the ones who created the vehicle in the first place. Now they want the bike to do more than simply wheel about down the street; they want it to fly.

Scientists and manufacturers in the Czech Republic have created a prototype for a flying bicycle that actually works, and looks pretty darn cool. It’s just in the testing stages at the moment, though it shows real promise.

Unfortunately, Technodat, the company behind the bicycle (called the “F-Bike”), has no real plans to produce this feat of transportation engineering any time soon. Their CEO, Ales Kobylik, was rather straightforward when asked the manufacturing question.

“The object of the F-Bike was always meant to study, and not as a commercial venture.”

Bummer. This doesn’t mean others won’t pick up where Technodat left off. Even now, Aerofex is creating a similar vehicle for the U.S. military, although their version will be automated and used for cargo transport and medical purposes.

Prototype hovercraft from Aerofex

Image source: www.aerofex.com

The specs for the F-Bike are similar to most electric-powered bicycles, minus the flight capabilities. The project came about after Technodat explored creating their own “e-bike”, but decided that the task was simply not worth their time, so they innovated and expanded the project.

Rather than use a winged-body design, the F-Bike is powered by an electric motor, and has six propellers attached to the frame; two on the front, two on the back, and one on each side of the pilot’s chair.


Image source: www.gizmag.com

The F-Bike was built in part by Dessault Systemes 3-D software tools, in partnership with Technodat. The video below shows a test flight of the F-Bike.

It’s quite remarkable to behold, and one can only speculate on the commercial viability of such a transport device. Still, it’s nice to dream.

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