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Cycling, Flying…or Both

For those of you who love extreme sports and ride bikes in the city, but want to avoid traffic jams, there is a new two-wheeled that you will absolutely adore.

Created by a pair of British enthusiasts who have a passion for both cycling and flying, John Foden (37) and Yannick Read (42), the XploreAir Paravelo is a bike that transforms into an aircraft.

The inventors say it is the world’s first fully functional flying bicycle.

Paravelo: the world’s first flying bike

Image source: www.kickstarter.com

“If you have a thirst for adventure, but are without the storage space or bank balance large enough for a helicopter, then the Paravelo is for you” Read told The Guardian newspaper.

The Paravelo combines the traditional folding bicycle with a trailer carrying a powerful fan and can reach 4,000 ft altitude.

But it can also be used as a standalone-folding bike that can be combined with various forms of public transportation and will fit in any small space around the house.

The innovative two-wheeler can amazingly reach speeds of up to 25mph, whereas on the ground it travels at a fairly sluggish 15mph.

Paravelo: the world’s first flying bike

Image source: www.kickstarter.com

“The Wright brothers were former bicycle mechanics so there’s a real connection between cycling and the birth of powered flight that is recaptured in the spirit of the Paravelo,” says so-creator John Foden.

This crazy machine promises to revolutionize the way we travel for work, play and adventure. It can be used for riding, flying and even camping, as it also comes with a tent.

Foden and Read have spent two years developing and testing the prototype on the ground and in the air and they need £50,000 to finalize the design so it can be bought off the shelf. So they have started a Kickstarter campaign that with the people’s support could change forever the way we travel.

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