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Flat-Folding Bike Helmet Protects Skull, Saves Space

Flat-Folding Bike Helmet Protects Skull, Saves Space

Image source: morpherhelmet.com

Many of us grew up riding our bikes without wearing helmets, and most of us survived it just fine. That didn’t mean that riding without a helmet is safe, it just means that helmets (and their usage) wasn’t really on the radar for recreational cyclists back then.

However, wearing a bicycle helmet can protect the brain of a rider in the event of an accident, and because accidents, by their very nature, are unpredictable, it’s probably best for both the recreational rider and the daily bike commuter to wear one all of the time.

One drawback to wearing a helmet, though, is the fact that most of them aren’t really easy to carry around with us the rest of the time, when we aren’t actively on our bikes. But a new type of helmet could change that, by making it much easier to stash that brain bucket and carry it with you.

“Some years back, I was involved in an accident. I was hit by a car and thrown off my bike at pretty high speed. I flew through the air (stylishly) and landed head first on a kerb stone (a bit less stylishly). I broke my shoulder, smashed my chin, broke a couple of ribs… and if it wasn’t for my helmet I would almost certainly have died… or been seriously brain damaged.

As planet Earth gets greener and fitter we’re cycling more and more. More than a hundred cities around the world now have cycle rental schemes, which are proving to be hugely popular. But very few of us non bike owners are wearing helmets. According to research, the main reason is that they are simply too cumbersome to carry around all day, especially if you may only be taking a ten minute bike ride.” – Jeff Woolf, inventor of Morpher

The Morpher is said to be the “world’s first flat folding helmet”, which can effectively fold completely in half and take up only about as much space as a large textbook, which can easily fit into a backpack or other bag.

The helmet is said to meet or exceed all current safety standards for helmets, and while this version of the Morpher is geared toward cyclists, it may eventually be found on the heads of all sorts of other sports enthusiasts, from skateboarders to skiers to horse riders to hockey players.

The Morpher Helmet is currently in a crowdfunding phase with a campaign on Indiegogo, and backers at the $69 and up level with get this innovative folding cycling helmet to help protect their head while on two wheels.

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