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Five Reasons We Actually Need Personal Drones

In just over a year, an estimated 7,500 drones will fly over U.S. airspace, all of them regulated by the FAA.

Currently, an estimated 10,000 hobby drones occupy the skies, although by law they’re not allowed to fly above a 400 ft ceiling, nor can they collect video and data for commercial use (although I trust that last part about as much as I trust that the FBI isn’t watching me write this via webcam right now. Whoops).

Still, despite the controversial future for drones, there’s still room for them to take up special places in our hearts. We actually need personal drones because:

1. They Can Record Damage From Natural Disasters Better Than You Can

If a hurricane wipes out your town, or a tornado rolls through your backyard, are you going to take a helicopter over the wreckage and shoot footage with your cellphone cam? I thought not. This is where personalized drones come in. The octocopter, for example, is able to do all of this right now. You can even buy them at Sam’s Club.

2. They Can Contribute To Your Vanity And/Or Save Your Life

The word “selfie” was popularized this year, although I sense that 2014 will replace that vernacular with something equally annoying. However, it’ll probably make a resurgence in the early 2020’s, when selfie drones become a thing.

You can take them running with you, shopping, boating, etc. They’ll be more than just picture-taking bots though, as you can use them to record your hiking expeditions, family vacations, and other various uses we’ve yet to think up.

Imagine if you found yourself injured from a fall in the woods, unable to access your cellphone because it lays shattered under your butt. Simply send out a distress call through the drone, and voila, help is on the way.

3. They Can Deliver Us Stuff From Amazon

Hurray! The days of waiting longer than 30 minutes for your new iPhone case are almost behind us! Amazon released a video last week showing how they plan on using eco-friendly drone technology in the next couple of years to deliver packages from warehouse to porch in 30 minutes.

Check it:

4. They’ll Replace Your Personal Assistant

Why pay for a human assistant when you can just purchase a robot one from Wal-Mart? Drones in the next few years will be more than just gateway projects for hobby enthusiasts looking to work at NASA. They’ll be able to carry items, use voice-recognition to perform commands (Go here, get this, send message to, etc), and essentially make your life better.

Need a partner for gardening? Watering your crops? Seeding the front lawn? Drones can do that for you.

5. They Let Doctors Become Miracle Workers

Instead of flying across the world to Africa, why not simply activate the remote drone your company has stored there and go see a patient or two? The entire medical field will be revolutionized by the introduction of drones to the private sector, and it’s certainly about time.

If we can’t speed up the introduction of better doctors in underdeveloped nations, then perhaps we can cheat and send in qualified doctors remotely. It’s definitely not a bad idea.

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