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The Power Of Your Sweat

What does a gym provide? People sweat and in turn it helps them get fit and healthy. But have you ever heard of a gym that produces power?

Gyms in Manhattan now have stationary bikes which are pedaled by club members, who are not just keeping themselves fit but also helping to produce power.

This bike looks like traditional bikes found in gyms and clubs, but it has a tall black box with wires connected to it which is nothing but a compact generator that converts the mechanical wheeling motion of the bike into electric power. This can now be used in the power grid to run some of the gym’s appliances.

Pedal power has been used before to power up lights on the bicycle. Now gym equipment is not just burning calories but also turning on lights. Gyms can market and promote themselves with an “Environmentally friendly” tag differentiating themselves from other gyms by generating their own power.

Gyms producing power

Many new businesses in the US are now selling bicycles, elliptical trainers, steppers and other equipment which have the ability to produce power. The Green Revolution is one of them. These companies have converted numerous machines in the gym into power generating devices giving a healthy and green ambiance to the fitness industry.

There are some major hurdles, the first thing is the output power produced. Realistically, how much power can a single bike provide while pedaling  The output of one bike can only run a fan while pedaling it. But when multiple riders are pedaling at once, more energy can be stored and used elsewhere. It is definitely a bonus for gyms which have a large number of members. Secondly, the capital outlay is significant and the gym owner will have a long wait to recoup the cost of the new equipment.

The equipment providers respond to this issue, by comparing the current price of this technology with solar and other sources of energy harvesting. They suggest that, when more than 30,000 gyms in US use these machines, the combined output would be massive.

Product designers could help speed the uptake of this new technology by tweaking the existing equipment to enable it to generate power, rather than having to discard it.


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