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Doomsday – Hoax Or Here?

The Doomsday Conspiracy flooded the internet for more than four years leading up to its supposedly deadline.

The date for the end of the world was set as 21/12/2012 and was such a virulent conspiracy it even sparked a movie being made about it.

Around the world people held their breath and waited anxiously. But it all passed just like any other day.

So is the Doomsday Conspiracy dead in the water? As there is no actual date for the origin of the Earth, then it is unlikely to have a final date. It is clear that Earth was not created in a single day, so if that is the case then it cannot surely end in a single day.

As a byproduct of this conspiracy I noted people taking care of their environment and embracing more eco-friendly products. The Doomsday Conspiracy is assuredly not over, the end is in our own hands.

The following are a few ways in which you can do your part to keep Doomsday as far away as possible.

Get a computer with Smart OS
Computers have become a vital part of our life. When looking to buy or upgrade your computer please go for a ‘smart’ device. ‘Smart’ means the ability to manage power and resources effectively.

The main part of any computer is the operating system. Whilst there are many features to understand do not forget to look at the smart power management of the OS.

Install cruise control
If you have not installed cruise control in your car then consider it. This function automatically controls the speed of your vehicle as set by the driver. It has been found that it can save up to 15% fuel on a journey.

Use direct downloads
Software programs are being developed and used by people round the clock.  Next time you buy a software package consider a direct download. This option is available from almost all software vendors, your purchased software gets downloaded instantly once your payment is accepted, and this is far better than buying software in DVD format saving on energy, manufacturing and transportation costs.

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