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Energy Efficient Laptops

Tech manufacturers are increasingly producing ecologically-oriented merchandise, and the options for consumers are growing each day. Laptops are near the top of the list on necessity and importance value, and as such it is vital that you choose a durable and lasting computer that will save on both energy costs and perform to your needs.

Retailers are now compiling lists of Energy-Star rated devices to help consumers make educated purchases. For example, Amazon has prepared an extensive list of their highest rated Energy-Star laptops, desktops, and other computer related products, with customer ratings and reviews for each device. Best Buy also touts their Energy-Star rated computers, with varied prices.

When shopping for your next PC, consider buying an Ultrabook. These elegant and high-performance computers offer an insight as to where the tech industry is headed. Thinner, lighter, stronger, and faster is the new standard, with energy-efficiency an absolute must. While no Ultrabook stands above the rest in regards to having the lowest carbon-footprint, all are designed with long battery lives, energy-efficient processors, Solid State Hard Drives, and creative appeal.

PC Magazine has anthologized a Top 5 Ultrabooks list, for comparing and contrasting the best devices available. Some standouts in the market are the Asus Zenbook and the HP Folio 13. The overall performance of the Zenbook is greater than any Ultrabook competitor, while the HP’s price value is unmatched. Both of these notebooks have an Energy-Star rating, and utilize processors, hard drives, and displays for energy saving. If you’re looking to buy a new computer for school, home, or the office, Ultrabooks merit a priority in your shopping research.

For those who prefer alternatives to Microsoft PC products, Apple’s Macbook Pro and their Macbook Air both have high Energy-Star ratings, and Apple has provided a PDF that illustrates the minimal impact these computers have on the environment.

To get the most out of your new computer, remember to unplug the cord when you’re not charging or using the device, to save battery life and keep electrical costs down. In the settings panel, adjust the power level to further its battery expectancy and increase the computer’s performance. Then, enjoy the pleasure that comes from saving money and maintaining a low carbon-footprint.

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