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Power Saving Socket

Many people get warned against keeping electronic devices plugged into the power socket all the time even when they are switched off. Some care about it and unplug the device, while others leave them plugged and unbothered. The latter would not have heard the term vampire power or Standby power which refers to the power wasted by electrical and electronic devices even when they are switched off or in standby mode just by being plugged in. Even this low power matters a lot as this 100% useless power will add up cumulatively on your electricity bill. But let’s be honest, it’s hard to unplug each device manually, every time when it is not in use.

Once again human innovation and product design rises up to curb the vampire energy. PumPing Tap is an electrical socket that is smart enough to detect an unused power cord of an appliance and eject it physically from the socket. We have to appreciate and thank the designer, Yanko Design, who kept in mind the human laziness to unplug the devices and used physical isolation instead of electrical isolation or any other complicated design to save power.

The working of this smart socket is very simple with a stunning design. Sensors present in the socket detect whether the plug is actively using electricity or not and if it is found switched off, then a circular light on the outside turns from blue to red. After ten minutes it senses again, if the device is still switched off, the socket makes a heroic action of ejecting the power cord via spring mechanism. This being a direct approach culminates the wastage of power after isolation of the cord.

However this model has certain drawbacks too. Firstly in many homes the power socket may be located at congested locations, in such case when cord is ejected they have chances to get trapped somewhere or mess up the whole place. Another big problem is that commonly many would already have installed normal sockets in their home so replacing them with this new prototype is tedious.

PumPing Tap has won many notable awards like the Red Dot Design Concept award. So if you’re planning to build a real green home do add this smart socket to your kart.

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