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Transforming your home into an eco-friendly residence is both cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Many new technologies created for indoor energy-saving have both functional use and artistic appeal. If you find yourself trying to choose between creative devices and ones that actually work, then compromise no longer.

In today’s market, you will discover that art has finally been married with technology, permanently. One way that homeowners squander energy is through wasteful misuse of heating/cooling.

Tech mogul Apple Inc. has created a solution with their Nest Learning Thermostat. It tracks your energy habits and can be adjusted and programmed both physically and remotely through a smartphone, iPad, or computer.

Appliances from ovens to fridges also work to prevent excessive energy spending. Purchasing an electric-induction oven will save up to half of your previous energy costs, and new fridges help monitor and conserve usage. Other inexpensive kitchen appliances, such as water filters, save on bottled water costs and excessive wasting of tap water.

Perhaps the cheapest way to save money is by replacing your home’s conventional light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs. These long-lasting alternatives are 70-80% more energy efficient, and save on air conditioning costs since they don’t heat up rooms like conventional lights.

If you’re unable to spend extra money on new gadgets, there’s still a free approach to reducing your carbon footprint. Turn off the lights in unoccupied rooms, unplug your devices at night, use a floor/ceiling fan instead of the air conditioning and be mindful of your energy habits. To encourage yourself, compare each bill with the previous month’s statement and keep track of how much you’re saving.

As we unite in smarter living, we can take pride in the knowledge that every little step goes a long way towards creating a healthy world, and one for future generations to enjoy.

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