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Energy Efficiency Dropped

In a disturbing yet unsurprising turn of events, the Republican Party national platform for 2012 contains no mention of energy efficiency.

The omission has turned heads, given the previous positions of Mitt Romney on energy efficiency during his tenure as Massachusetts governor, and the 2004 and 2008 Republican Party platforms including energy efficiency.

Even Former President George W. Bush, with all of his ties to the oil industry, had nearly 50 recommendations addressing renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy conservation during his 2004 term.

In the past, energy efficiency and conservation has been a fairly bipartisan issue, especially in Congress, but the 2012 platform represents abandonment from common sense energy efficiency policies in favor of ideological divisions stemming from the fringe elements of the party.

Granted, Ron Kaufman, an advisor to the Romney campaign, said that energy conservation is “part of the overall mix…but you know and I know that conservation alone won’t solve the problem, it’s a piece but it won’t solve the problem,” in an interview with CSPAN.

If it were just the Romney campaign that had abandoned energy efficiency in its platform, it would be alarming, but since it is the platform for the entirety of the Republican Party, it is dangerous and sets a precedent which will allow for further inaction on not only energy efficiency, but the environment on the whole.

Another thing to keep in mind is congressional Republicans, and what, if any, action will be taken to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. Many Republicans support energy conservation, but as Kaufman and others have stated, conservation is just a piece of the solution.

Republican support for renewable energy and energy efficiency policies will be necessary in the upcoming years, and if all the elected officials which identify as Republicans are unwilling to participate in responsible energy policies, then the country could find itself exactly where it is now: a stalemate which has no winners, but plenty of losers.

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