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Thy Name is Republican

Usually there isn’t need for such drastic partisan claims to be made, but the situation at present is an exemption.

Mitt Romney, on top of his disastrous handling of the attacks in Libya and Egypt, is still pushing a campaign promise to let the wind energy tax credits expire at the end of the year, while maintaining the massive tax credits given to the coal and oil industries.

Constantly touting the philosophy that tax credits allow the government to determine which industries succeed and fail is incorrect and doesn’t allow for the free market to decide, Romney and similar-minded Republicans have no problem in continuing to give federal tax subsidies to coal and oil industries.

The philosophical dilemma only seems to arise when there is the possibility of given tax credits to clean, renewable energy.

So Romney is a hypocrite on tax subsidies—big deal, nothing new. It’s not like he would favor letting the wind energy tax credits expire knowing that 37,000 jobs in Iowa, a swing-state, would be lost if that happened.

Oh, wait. He continues to support letting the wind energy tax credits expire. A legitimate job-killing policy would be put in place by a Romney presidency, which would have much larger ramifications for the entire country, not just Iowa.

His perspective represents a larger problem in contemporary society pertaining to the legitimacy of renewable energy, and confidence to invest in it. When there are policies that place more importance on coal and oil, and propping those industries up as a result, there really is no chance for renewable energy industries to grow.

Investment by the federal government is a necessity for an industry to grow or recover. For example, the railroad industry, the auto industry, the space program, the internet, etc. Had the federal government not invested in those industries, they would not be as strong or even exist today.

Federal investment also increases confidence in private sector investors, which further strengthens an industry. Simply stated, Romney’s hypocritical energy policy would be terrible for the United States.

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