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The Ecobutton

Many new computers come pre-equipped with an “eco-button” that regulates your computer’s energy usage when not employed.

Rather than fiddling around with the settings, you can simply press this button when you leave your workstation for convenience and peace of mind.

It can put your computer to sleep, lower the backlight, send it into hibernation which uses almost zero energy without completely shutting down, etc. This is great for when we are absent-minded and walk away without properly ensuring that we’ve taken care of everything.

However, not all computers have this function, nor do most older laptops. Instead of spending a lot of money purchasing a new computer, a company called Ecobutton has created an affordable solution. Their product, aptly named the “Ecobutton”, is designed for use at home or in the office.

You can purchase the Ecobutton Lite or the Ecobutton Halo, depending on your needs. The Lite version allows you to put your computer to sleep and wake it up again simply with the press of the Ecobutton. And for those interested, you can custom design the button logo with an image or font.

The Ecobutton Halo is more extensive in what it can do, and is great for desktop PC’s and family users.

It displays your weekly and monthly energy savings, offers system updates for feature improvements, provides you with an individual cloud access account, and more. You can also calculate your estimated savings by visiting the Ecobutton website.

For business users, the Halo for Business/Professional is a perfect solution for multiple computers in an office environment.

The amount of money and energy savings you can expect from this device depends on your needs, but over time the device will not only pay for itself, but also goes a long way towards minimizing your carbon footprint.

Image: www.ecobutton.com

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