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Electric Sidecar Motorcycle Sets New Speed Record

Electric Sidecar Motorcycle Sets New Speed Record

Image source: killacycleracing.com

The folks behind one of the fastest electric motorcycles in the world, the KillaCycle, have just set another land speed record, this time in their modified sidecar motorcycle, the KillaJoule, earning them the title of the “world’s fastest electric sidecar motorcycle”.

Bill Dube and Eva Håkansson’s KillaCycle is said to be the quickest electric motorcycle in the world, boasting over 500 horsepower, and having the capability of going from 0-60 mph in less than one second and a quarter-mile top speed of just over 174 mph.

Eva’s KillaJoule, however, is quite another beast entirely, as it’s technically a “sidecar” version, having three wheels and a fully-enclosed canopy. Just recently, the KillaJoule smashed the current land speed record for electric sidecar cycles, with a top speed of 212 mph at a recent trial at Utah’s Bonneville Raceway.

What may be even more impressive is the fact that the power for this speedy cycle comes from the same batteries found in cordless tool, but in a bank of 1888 of them. This bank of Lithium Nano-Phosphate batteries from A123Systems are capable of putting out 800 HP (peak) and 400HP continuously, which are charged using wind power when the team is at home in Colorado, or with a hybrid bio-diesel generator when at the race track.

Electric Sidecar Motorcycle Sets New Speed Record

Image source: killacycleracing.com

And while setting a land speed record is a huge achievement, the purpose of the KillaJoule is said to be a bit more than just a trophy collector:

“KillaJoule is really eco-activism in disguise. The only purpose of this 19 ft., 400 HP, sleek, sexy motorcycle is to show that eco-friendly doesn’t mean slow and boring.” – KillaJoule

Read more about the KillaCycle and the KillaJoule at the team’s website or at their Facebook page.

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