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Award winning director of ‘Who Killed the Electric Car’ (2006), Chris Paine, has joined the Advisory Board of folding electric bicycle startup, Conscious Commuter Corporation.

“I met … Gabriel Wartofsky [the designer of the e-bike] last December while promoting Revenge of the Electric Car, and was immediately drawn to the comprehensive design of the e-bike,” said Mr. Paine. “After taking a ride and hearing some of Gabriel’s ideas for integrating the e-bike in public and private commuter networks, I became convinced this was perfect for the emerging mobility market.”

Conscious Commuter Corporation is helping shape the future or urban mobility by solving the first and last mile commute problem. This is the problem of getting people from their home to their nearest public transport hub. Conscious Commuter’s lightweight, intuitively folding electric bike empowers users to get to the nearest bus stop or rail station, and, after commuting, to get to their office – grease free and without a sweat.

Wartofsky is uniquely attuned to the problem and positioned to provide a solution as he grew up in a family that never owned a car and used the bicycle as their primary mode of transportation.

“My primary inspiration for this project was my mother, and the love she had for her bicycle. The essence of her life was movement — she was a dancer and a bicyclist … we never had a car. We lived our lives by bicycle”, said Wartofsky.

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Wartofsky has a degree in transportation design from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where unlike most of his classmates, his passion was designing for the ‘Conscious Commuter’.

Wartofsky started a Kickstarter campaign in 2010 to raise money to build his bikes and more than a dozen supporters took up his offer to pre-buy one of his initial 100-bike run at just under $1,400 each. This gave him the pre-seed funding he needed to launch Conscious Commuter Corporation.

According to Wartofsky: “A folding electric assist bike liberates you from that default voice in your head telling you the only way to practically get around … is with your car”.

The e-bike is recognizable for its ‘U’ shape—an arc that circumscribes the 20” wheels when the bike is folded—and shaft drive. It is a compact, lightweight, and designed to get you where you need to be utilizing the city’s existing infrastructure. The electric assist ensures you won’t sweat and the chainless drive eliminates the risk of damaging your clothing. It weights approximately 25 lbs, with a speed of approximately 15 mph, and up to 30 miles range, depending on motor and battery configurations you select.

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