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Fiat’s Electric Car

There aren’t very many luxury vehicles that have made the switch to electric, but Italian carmaker Fiat is changing that trend.

The Fiat 500e Electric Car just received a 116 MPGe rating from the EPA. This makes it one of the few quality electric vehicles on the market.

The Fiat vehicle also beats out many of the smaller electric vehicles in its class with regards to its EPA rating. With its 122 MPGe city, 108 MPGe highway, and a combined 116 MPGe energy output, the 500e has big plans to compete with the bigger names, such as Nissan and Chevy.

Compared with the gas version of the Fiat 500, the electric variation has a slightly different interior, to make it more aerodynamic and fuel efficient. This is especially important to its highway mileage, where the wind resistant factor is much more prominent.

The 500e still retains its gas version’s luxuriousness and style, meaning you won’t compromise anything by purchasing the electric car.

The interior includes the same design, as well as an electronic monitor to track your mileage and let you know when you need to recharge. It also keeps track of trip data, recharge completion estimates, etc. When compared to other electric vehicles, it has similar interior specifications.

The EPA gave the Fiat 500e an 87 driveable miles rating, which is more than the Nissan Leaf at 73 miles. Current pricing for the 500e is expected to be similar to the Nissan Leaf, which starts at $33,000 before tax incentives and other government grants, etc.

In the U.S., the Fiat is rated #14 in the list of top-rated small vehicles in the market. It has also received many rave reviews from those who’ve driven it.

2013 is expected to be a big year for the electric vehicle market, which is rapidly expanding.

Image: materialicious.com

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