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Sometimes, in the name of eco-friendly living, we must go out of our way to find the best alternatives to traditional lifestyle habits and necessities. Every now and then, it makes logical sense to create our own solutions for affordability reasons.

This is a list of resources, tools, and tutorials on how to transform your home into an example of a eco-friendly living. Some of the projects range from simple to medium difficulty, and others are for more seasoned engineers and designers. If you can’t do these projects yourself, perhaps you know of somebody who can help.

The first is a popular search engine item: a build-it-yourself solar panel. Several web resources provide blueprints and instructions, but the easiest and cheapest option we’ve found is through MDPUB. It’s practical, affordable, and quick to build. Another creative solution can be found on Wired Magazine’s UK website.

Second on our list is a home-built Wind Turbine, also from MDPUB. This is a viable solution for those who live in high-wind areas, or even as a second generator to your solar panel. It’s relatively easy to build, but it will take electrical engineering knowledge. If you follow the tutorial step-for-step though, you should find that it’s actually much easier than it sounds.

The last DIY example is instructions on how to build a Geothermal Heat Source. This project isn’t for everyone, and will take some time to make it happen. However, the payoff is well worth the trouble. Building a natural tap into the Earth’s heating system is an affordable long-term solution to never paying a heat bill again.

When it comes to seeking out eco-friendly alternatives that help save money and contribute to environmental sustainability, you will have to take into consideration factors such as location, environment, budget, tech knowledge, etc.

These tutorials are helpful resources for anyone looking to go “off the grid”.

Check them out, and share what you’ve learned with friends and family.

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