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Xbox One Versus PS4: Less Is More

The gaming world is not often where one turns to seek out eco-conservative devices, considering the tremendous amount of processing power and energy these machines need to function, yet in 2013, this is exactly where we’ll find them.

The Xbox One and the Playstation 4 are currently the hottest topics on the block. They’re the newest versions of our favorite consoles, and are due to hit stores later this year. We know quite a bit about each device, minus what the PS4 actually looks like, but that’s a minor inconvenience.

Right now, Microsoft’s device appears to be the frontrunner when it comes to energy usage. Both the PS4 and the One utilize a new “Always On” system, so that key functions like voice and motion gestures can act as soon as you want them to.

These systems would imaginably take a heavy toll on your annual energy bill, right? Think again. The original Xbox 360, when it debuted, used approximately 200 watts just to play a game, not counting for the amount of time spent perusing your Xbox Music playlist, chatting with friends, etc.

Microsoft upgraded the 360 a few years after it debuted, and cut that usage almost in half, so that each played game only took about 75-80 watts. That was a significant upgrade, and we’re expecting that the Xbox One will utilize that technology in their new All-In-One, Always On system this fall.

On the other side, the PS4 is predominantly a Cloud Gaming system. You can download games straight to the console and play them whenever you want, even while it’s downloading. You can view gameplay on multiple Microsoft and Sony devices, including smartphones and tablets.

This means that the system uses less energy for storage and processing, since it doesn’t have to work as hard. The real numbers will come out once these consoles hit the market and are played by hardcore gamers.

Both devices seem neck-and-neck when it comes to energy usage, so if that’s a factor in your purchasing decision, you needn’t fear. Neither will be a poorly made purchase.

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