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Consider a Green Gadget First

When you get a new laptop, desktop PC, or tablet, it’s a given that you’ll need some accessories to go with your device. Whether it’s a new computer mouse, tablet keyboard, laptop case, etc, we all need those extra peripherals.

Most of the time, new devices come with the basics, but sometimes those basics are cheap, ugly, useless, or in the way. Rather than take to Amazon or Walmart in search of another bland replacement, consider an eco-friendly alternative to those basic accessories.

Touchfire Keyboard

Image source: www.touchfire.com

Touchfire iPad Keyboard
There are tons of Bluetooth and USB-based iPad keyboards on the market, though they’re still tied down to the constraints and limits that batteries and wires provide. Thanks to the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, the Touchfire iPad was given life. The keyboard sits on the iPad screen itself, and uses the tactile feedback of the screen to type–no batteries or wires required. It’s an eco-friendly option for iPad users everywhere.


Image source: www.amazon.com

Powerbag Messenger Bag
This messenger bag can be used to charge your computer, smartphone, iPad, or E-reader while on the go. It has a 3000mAh battery inside that connects to whatever device your need charging. When the battery runs out of juice, simply plug it into your wall outlet and charge it up. If you’re looking for a solar-powered alternative(though slightly more expensive), check out the Piggyback Gadgetbag.

Grove Bamboo iPhone Case

Image source: www.grovemade.com

Grove Bamboo iPhone Case
If you like promoting the bond between nature and technology, then you’ll love these beautiful bamboo iPhone cases by Grove. Made from 100% natural materials, these cases are a great example of living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Solar Kindle

Image source: www.amazon.com

SolarKindle E-Reader Case
From SolarTouch comes the award-winning SolarKindle case for Kindle devices. For those with the already energy-efficient Kindle E-reader, you can now charge your reader without the need to plug into the wall or a battery.

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