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Innovative Green Chargers

Smart recharging options for gadgets are getting more interesting as advances in renewable technologies are made.

Solar powered chargers are gaining in popularity, but there are also other resources that are becoming available for charging up devices.

A new way being marketed at powering up gear is really an old way to create energy. Manual versions, like the YoGen Charger for Life are turning up, and this may be a practical object to have on hand. With no electrical outlets required and no battery to replace, the YoGen works solely on physical exertion. Chargers like these can conduct natural energy when the cord is repeatedly hand pulled until the alternator powers up an object’s battery. This model can reportedly produce around 5 watts of power, and the more the cord is pulled the more power is made. Whoever is doing the operating may have to do so for several minutes, but it will power devices up to a full charge if done long enough.

Another charging invention is the Power Pot. This device is a lightweight cooking pot that allows you to charge items while preparing food. By filling it with water and putting it on a heat source like a fire or stove it generates thermoelectric energy. With regulated voltage, it can also power up other things like USB accessories. Concepts like these would be ideal for use in remote areas and for power outages.

There are also smart chargers that shut off when devices are fully charged so they do not keep draining electricity. These are available in single item to multi-charging stations.

One amazing project being designed by researchers is the development of graphene supercapacitors for storing energy. By combining a capacitor and a battery, it onsets the capability for them to function more efficiently since graphene is a powerful energy conductor.

Additionally, graphene is carbon based, so it is lighter than typical batteries and biodegradable. It is also sturdy yet malleable enough to work with under the right conditions. This advanced design mounted with the technological ability to conduct and store energy may have the capacity to supersede current ways of charging electronics.

With no end in sight for the necessity of recharging an endless supply of gadgets, sustainable improvements to the usual way of doing things are welcome initiatives.

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