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Revolutionary Cardboard Box Design

The concept of shipping boxes hasn’t changed much over the last hundred years. We still poorly package items in over-wrapped cardboard boxes, and hope they aren’t harmed on route to their destination.

Henry Wang and Chris Curro, engineering students at Cooper Union, have unveiled their idea for a next-gen cardboard box.

Check it:

The team still has a bunch of obstacles to overcome (as you can see on this Reddit thread), such as ensuring the boxes can’t accidentally open while sitting in a UPS truck, making sure that items inside don’t fall out of the box when it opens, etc. They’re also looking for investors, which means the product is still a few years away from practical application.

We see this concept being used maybe for local shipping versus cross-country/trans-Atlantic. Regardless, we’ll keep an eye on this eco-friendly invention, and wish the team best of luck.

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