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Plans for Airline Industry

NASA has big plans for the airline industry.

By the year 2025, they promise to have created eco-friendly replacements for the aging fleet of super-jets and other aircraft. The space agency, working with industry teams from three major airline companies, has designed rough outlines of how they plan on putting a green spin on future airplanes.

It starts out with newer aerodynamic designs, meant to consume less fuel and travel faster. Some of the proposed solutions are blended wing designs, where the entire aircraft is(in essence) a giant wing. This means less moving parts, better handling of turbulence, and better gas mileage.

The airplanes will also be designed to fly further and carry more passengers, which will save on overhead costs for airlines. Another concept is a triangular wing design, which also creates less drag and better fuel efficiency. The triangular concept uses an asymmetrical engine thrust for trim and slower manoeuvres.

The target is for the airplanes to consume 50% less fuel than current models, with 50% less harmful emissions. They will also shrink the noise levels by up to 83%. The challenge for these companies is to accomplish all of the concept specifications simultaneously.

For years now, airplane designs haven’t changed much. Jet companies have been content to save costs by letting their planes age to hazardous safety levels. Then again, there hadn’t been much of a push to create ecologically friendly airplanes until recently.

With the federal government cracking down on fuel emissions, airplane manufacturers have had to think outside the box. Working with NASA scientists is a logical decision for the trio of giant manufacturing companies.

The new design concepts will save money, time, fuel, lower emissions, and carry more passengers.

It won’t be long until every aircraft manufacturer hops on board the program to create efficient airplanes for the future.

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