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The Downsides of Technology

Technology downsides

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Since the turn of the 21st century, new technology has changed life for us all.

Historically, there have been many eras of technological advancement, however, this article will discuss only the most recent of such enlightenments; the“Dot Com Boom”.

Smartphones, tablets, internet shopping, and more emerged around Y2K, and in the present day, we’ve been touched by these technologies in ways we never imagined 20 years ago.

This begs the question; are we truly better off with this advanced technology?

Before you misunderstand my point, know that I’m the last person to tell you that the Amish are living a model life. However, I also cannot ignore that our advancements are coming at a price.

Some third-world countries have risen from their adversity to contribute many great things in modern society. Unfortunately, most others still haven’t gotten off the ground. Case-in-point, a new initiative to place a laptop in every child’s hands. This is great on paper, but terrible in implementation. An extreme lack of qualified teachers marred the project right from the beginning. It’s one thing to give a child technology, and it’s something else entirely to teach them how to use it.

In cultured societies, we’ve become apathetic. Children don’t seem to have the same imagination they once did, family’s are content to sit and watch television all day rather than interact on a personal level, and the educational system of multiple countries is failing. This is in part due to an imbalance of technology and work. Put simply, kids spend too much time with their “toys”, and less time with their textbooks.

Our society has placed an increased importance on making life easier through technology, but has failed to realise that those who reap the benefits of comfortable living are unlikely to sow those benefits for future generations. Rather than take what we’ve seen and enjoyed and make it better, many of us are content with appreciating our newfound technological superiority and hope that someone else will keep the tech flow going.

We must learn to evolve with our technology, rather than perpetually remain two steps behind it. “With great power comes great responsibility”, as the saying goes, and this applies now more than ever. A lifestyle balance must be put into practice, else we will become too advanced for our own good.




Image source: www.blog.laimoon.com

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