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Donate Your Flash Drives

Flash drives are one example of computing accessories that are often left lying around.

USB flash drives can be recycled, although only certain components can be salvaged. If still in good working condition, consider donating them to causes where they will be put to good use.

Still usable sticks can be sent to Recycle USB where they will benefit children. Received flash drives are loaded with the Sugar Learning Platform which transforms them into mobile computer operating systems.

This is a brilliant idea that comes to life at Sugar Labs, a non-profit supplier that works with another non-profit organization, the Software Freedom Conservancy to provide this free service to learning hungry kids.

Children who may not have reliable computer or internet access at home can learn interactively from the download, and can then tote their knowledge around with them. Having a USB permits students to save projects and assignments and view or transfer them as needed. They are given to those between the ages of 5 to 12, and have been handed out to more than 1 million recipients in more than 40 countries so far. They must be at least 1GB in size and cleaned of any data before sending them in.

For a free download visit Try Sugar.

Another great use for no longer needed USBs is to donate them to displaced individuals. Thumbs Up for Homeless People collects empty ones to hand out to a portion of the population who need them. Small objects that most home secure people take for granted, like flash drives, can provide a way to carry around information. Having some way to keep personal possessions such as important files, pictures or other resources on hand that can be used at public computer stations or libraries can be helpful.

For other ways to help the homeless, read Adventures of a Once Homeless Girl.

Speak with local teachers, shelters and community administrators if you would like to donate used flash drives. Chances are they will know someone who could use one. Also, businesses or other places that use a lot of flash drives may like to hear about opportunities to contribute theirs, so spread the word.

Making society less dispensable by donating practical and needed things does good for everyone.

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