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Documentary Captures Pivotal Moment in Electric Motorcycle Racing

When we think of motorcycle racing, we probably associate it with loud engines and the smell of burning fuel, neither of which is really conducive to a greener, cleaner world. But a new breed of bikers is changing all of that, with their zero-emissions racing bikes serving as examples of what’s possible with electric transportation technology.

Can a bunch of maniacs on motorcycles be a force for global good? Absolutely, especially if those same maniacs are leading innovation and advances in electric drive technology, while turning heads and setting records on their blazingly fast electric motorbikes.

“For the visionaries, it’s history. For the petrol-heads, it’s blasphemy. What’s racing without the sound and fury of internal combustion engines? CHARGE is about the future. It’s about change. It’s about the dream of a clean, green world. It’s about the dream of winning.”

The world’s first zero-emissions motorcycle grand prix took place on the Isle of Man TT course (an incredibly demanding and deadly course) in 2009, and while the initial results of that competition were successful, by the next year, racing teams had stepped up their game and boosted the performance of their bikes in a big way. And that process and evolution was captured in the new documentary Charge.

Charge is the dramatic and highly entertaining inside story of an unlikely group of pioneers – obsessed visionaries, ambitious businessmen, new-tech eccentrics, government ministers and hardcore racers – from as far afield as India, the USA, Germany and Britain.

It’s a human story as well as a technological one: the teams’ hopes for personal glory and commercial success ride on their green machines. It’s about the dream of a clean, green world. It’s about the dream of winning.”

Charge is being released to theaters in 15 U.S. markets this week, as part of Cinedigm’s new DOCURAMA series. In addition to showing Charge, a short documentary called Solar Roadways will be shows, as well as a video Q&A session with the director of Charge.

Find out where to catch it here: Charge.

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