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DIY Solar-Powered Bike Light

DIY Solar-Powered Bike Light

Image source: instructables.com/member/sudhu_tewari

If you’ve got a solar garden light, an old deodorant stick, and some silicone, you’ve got all the ingredients to build your own solar-powered bike light.

Using bicycles for transportation is not only efficient, but it’s also quite fun, with the added benefit of being a healthy activity for your body.

However, cycling can be hazardous if you’re not visible to drivers or other cyclists, so adding lights and reflectors to your bike is one way to stay safer on the streets. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to illuminate your ride, because if you’re the least bit handy with tools and materials, you can build your own bike light and house it in a repurposed container, such as this one, built into a deodorant stick.

Over at Instructables, user sudhu_tewari says:

“I saw a guy in SF with a bike like that looked like a deodorant stick which gave me the idea to hack a solar garden light into a deodorant stick for easy weather proofing (and aerodynamic goodness).”

The DIY design documented by sudhu_tewari is well suited to modifying to suit whatever materials you may have around the house, including different configurations of solar garden lights or differently shaped containers. I can totally see a solar-powered bike light made from one of those plastic water bottles that are given away at just about every event.

See the full Instructable here: deodorant solar bike light

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