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How To: Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle

DIY’ers, we’re back again with another awesome tutorial on how to build your very own electric motorcycle. This time around, it’s a fairly simple 3-Step process:

Step 1: Watch the video.

Step 2: Follow the steps from the video.

Step 3: Motor around town on your wicked awesome electric bike and inspire a DIY eco-project following.

But wait, there’s more! You’ll practically become a legend among the other town-folk who elected to go the simple route and actually buy their bikes. You’ll learn important practical skills, including electrical engineering, soldering, welding, and wiring, along with feeling a tremendous amount of self-accomplishment upon completing the project (back-patting is 100% encouraged).

It’s also a great way for experienced (and amateur) DIY’ers with interests in transportation projects to join the world of the handyman.

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