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DIY Air Purifier For $25

Winter is coming, which means flu season, winter colds, stuffy noses, and other sicknesses nobody has time for.


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Sometimes our homes being more or less closed-off during this season can cause some of these common illnesses, since we don’t have natural ventilation from open windows. Also, if you haven’t kept up with the cleaning, your heaters are probably blowing dust all over the place.


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Enter the air purifier system. This nifty device filters out dust particles in the air and cleans up whatever room you’ve place it in. However, for a good-quality system, you’ll likely spend $50 – $150 to keep airborne allergens away from you. Depending on your budget, this can get quite pricey.


Image source: www.isitallergyblog.com

The University of Michigan created a short, informational video on how to build your own air purifier–and it’ll cost you just $25.

The process is fairly simple, and really doesn’t require any previous knowledge of tools or craftsmanship. If you follow the step-by-step, your home will be a lot cleaner (and easier to breathe in) this fall/winter. Check it out:

What did you think? Will you be buying or building your purifier?

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