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Has Your Home Got The Smarts?

Over the years, we’ve seen numerous variations of smart devices for your home, each one optimized for use with a remote control or smartphone.

Often times, however, these units are very expensive and hardly ideal for the average consumer.

Early iterations were limited by their lack of wi-fi and Bluetooth support, meaning they were ancient devices before they even hit the market.

Today, a company called SmartThings has developed an affordable and utilitarian unit in each home.

Taking advantage of the project funding website Kickstarter, SmartThings successfully reached and surpassed their entire funding goal. The device they’ve created is called the SmartThings Hub, and it works with your phone and the internet to control anything that requires a plug-in outlet.

Through the use of wireless technology, the SmartThings Hub allows you to control your home in ways never imagined. Using free apps developed by SmartThings on the iPhone and Android market, the Hub provides easy controls for everyday use.

Some of the apps include controlling your home’s lights, supervising the opening and closing of doors and dresser drawers, a weather monitor, and home appliance controls.

With developers working on bringing more apps to the market as SmartThings grows, the Hub’s capabilities continue to grow and evolve for better consumer use.

The convenience and efficiency you get from the SmartThings Hub is priceless, and truly brings innovative living to the home. Virtually every device in your house, from the coffee pot to the front door, can be controlled and monitored right from the palm of your hand.

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