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Town Planning and Transport Efficiency

Public Transport benefits

Image source: www.kenya.it

In many developed countries public transport is so efficient that many people use it to get to and from work.

Besides the economic benefits of using public transport, this choice of daily travel could potentially reduce carbon emissions.

In Swaziland the use of public transport to travel to work has not taken root due to the inefficiency of our public transport system.

Town planning and transport efficiency in our cities is increasingly becoming important.

The way in which our towns are developed will now have to take into account the environmental implications of travel within the city, and also to residential areas. Most of the time people drive to work, not because they need their cars during the day, but because the transportation system is inefficient.

Public Transport benefits

Image source: www.led.co.za

This translates into carbon emissions that could otherwise be prevented if the transport system was reliable. Moreover, the ever increasing numbers of cars in the city means that more parking space is needed. To make such space, a vast area of natural vegetation may have to be sacrificed. Thus the environment is attacked on at least two fronts in this regard.

Government must thus look into the transport system in our cities, specifically how it can be improved to reduce the carbon footprint generated unnecessarily by the usage of private transport. If government and the local municipalities would commit to making sure that transport would be available from the early hours of the morning to the early evening, and that such transport would be as reliable as possible, people would use it because of the reduced cost associated with public transport.

A lot of human activity results in carbon emissions that can be described as unnecessary, for the reason that they can be prevented by changing a few aspects of how we’ve been doing things. The transformation of our transport system is one way of avoiding unnecessary carbon emissions.

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