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Detroit Electric Claims Fastest Production Electric Car

There’s a new (old) kid on the block, as Detroit Electric launches its limited edition SP:01 electric sports car, said to be the fastest electric production car available.

Detroit Electric originally produced their first electric vehicle in 1907, which became popular over the next several years, and between then and 1939 the company produced 13,000 electric cars (even Henry Ford’s wife drove one).

Fast forward some 70 years, and Detroit Electric gets re-launched by Albert Lam (former CEO of Lotus Engineering Group), and now is moving the electric car market ahead with this road rocket.

The Detroit Electric SP:01 is a limited edition, two-seater sports car powered by a mid-mounted 200 HP electric motor, and clad in a stylish carbon fiber body.

The SP:01 weighs in at just 1,070 kg, and can go from 0-100kmh in just 3.7 seconds, hitting a top speed of around 155 mph. The driving range is said to be about 180 miles, with its 37 kWh lithium polymer batteries capable of taking a full charge in 4.3 hours (at max charge rate).

The SP:01 can also be used as a power storage/source device:

“SP:01 is more than just a car, it is a mobile energy unit – allowing the user to harness its stored battery energy to power not just the car but even an entire home. SP:01 is equipped with bi-directional charge and discharge capability, allowing it to release its stored electrical energy to power a home.” – Albert Lam, CEO

There’s no word yet on the price for these beauties, but there will only be 999 of them produced, so if you’re interested, you better speak up now: Detroit Electric.

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