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Crowdsourcing the Shower of the Future

Crowdsourcing the Shower of the Future

Image source: flickr.com/photos/pagedooley

With the current pressures on water supply systems around the world, and the emphasis to conserve water so as to not waste this precious resource, having a better shower could go a long way toward changing water use habits in the developed world.

And one company wants your help to design the shower of the future, offering cash prizes and a trip to London for the winners.

Do you think you can design a more efficient, smarter shower, capable of being not only enjoyable, but also more sustainable? Then you might want to hit the drawing board and come up with a design to submit to Unilever‘s design contest.

“We love taking showers. This universal daily ritual leaves you feeling relaxed, clean and fresh. Long showers are even more enjoyable, but they have a considerable environmental impact: showering uses a lot of water and requires a lot of energy to heat that water. So how could we enjoy showering while having a minimal impact on the planet and on our wallets? Unilever is developing the shower of the future and need your help to design it.

Wow us with an original and revolutionary design for the next generation of showers, combining an enjoyable experience with preservation of the environment.” – Unilever

Some of the guidelines for the shower design are that it would have to fit into a typical bathroom, use no more than 10 liters of water per use, and be affordable to build and to use.

Submit your design for a revolutionary shower experience by September 8, 2013, for a chance at one of the cash prizes (1st place: 5,000€, 2nd place: 2,000€, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place: 1,000€) and a trip to London to help develop your idea.

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