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Could This Product be a Bottled Water Killer?

Disposable water bottles are a scourge on the environment, as they have a long long life once “thrown away”, and are a poignant example of the dangers of single-use products.

But we know we’re supposed to be drinking plenty of water every day, and many of the reusable water bottles on the market look like they belong on a bicycle instead of on our desks.

So how can style-conscious people make the switch to using a refillable water bottle, without sacrificing anything in terms of appearance and design?

One answer is the Nava filtering water bottle, which not only delivers clean water with every sip, but also is right at home in even the most stylish of surroundings.

The Nava bottle, on Kickstarter right now, was “designed to compete head-on with the sex appeal of bottled water”, and to be striking enough in appearance as to be a desirable object for users to carry with them. The bottle uses activated carbon made from coconut shell for its replaceable filter, and with its estimated 40 gallon filtering capacity, will eliminate up to 300 disposable bottles per month.

The mouthpiece on the Nava bottle has a ‘hands-free’ design and a connected cap (so you won’t lose it), and is said to be optimized for water flow, so it doesn’t require excessive sucking to drink from it. A handle makes it easy to take with you or clip to your bag, and the whole thing is made from BPA-free Tritan and FDA-grade silicon, so it’s completely safe for daily use.

Forgetting to buy new filters is a thing of the past with the Nava, as it uses a filter subscription service to deliver filters right to your door, before you need it.

Help crowdfund this next generation water bottle on Kickstarter, or head over to KOR Water and check out the rest of their line of drinking water bottles.

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