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Cooling Down The IT

Computers have virtually fashioned another world for humans, with recent encroachment like cloud computing, computers have become another home for humans giving them utmost services with a very little effort, but there is a serious problem with so called “data centres” which are volcanoes inside a room, it has been found in a recent research that more than half of energy consumed by data centres are used to cool down millions of processors inside boxes.

This heightened problem has caught the attention of various design firms whose major job, now is to work in reducing the power consumed to cooling mechanism.  eOPTI-TRAX , a new technology which is a joint venture of Intertech and Skanska has the solution, it has guaranteed to reduce the power employed to cool down the system dramatically. Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) is a worldwide accepted metric to measure efficiency of a data centre, eOPTI-TRAX has boosted the PUE dramatically to 1.6 from 1.02.

The suggested technology abandons the use of the regular chillers which blow the air up through a raised floor. eOPTI-TRAX does this in distinctive way, it principally pumps a refrigerant through the pipes directly into the servers which are of most part in the room, this passed refrigerant cools them. This projected prototype claims that by using refrigerant instead of water, we could cut down the cost required for cooling the entire system by 75% to 92%, eOPTI-TRAX can cool a server with 0.3 watts whereas traditional chillers use 90 watts to do the same process.

Now considering it in a larger scale where, this count will really matter, if a data centre has 1000 server the total power consumed will be 300watts in case of eOPTI-TRAX technology but chillers will require 90,000 watts along with huge wastage of water resource, so to sum up it not only saves energy but also prevents wastage of water, another possible solution to bring down this hot effect is to plan the location of the data centre, if it operates in cold regions like Sweden etc. the cost and energy spent to cool the data centre can be reduced drastically. eOPTI-TRAX is going commercially first in Canada this month. Let’s be conscious using our IT, let’s keep it cool just as we do.


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