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A Green Future

A Green Future

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Often times, we wonder why it can be so difficult convincing people that going green is a necessary route for the future sustainability of our planet.

It almost feels like pulling hair just to get friends and family to see the same way we do.

Why would somebody want to keep paying their electric bill when they can install a home automation system or even solar panels to save on costs?

And if people realized that purchasing an all-electric or hybrid vehicle has nearly the same cost as a traditional gas-powered car, wouldn’t they seek that alternative option?

It’s one thing to present the future to the masses, and an entirely different story when it comes to joining together in support of the sustainability of our planet. It becomes especially difficult when companies who manufacture ecologically harmful products try so hard to mask their product as better than its eco-conscious alternative.

So why is it so hard transitioning from a mindset of waste and exorbitance to one of reusability and conservation? One logical explanation is that people usually avoid change, especially when it concerns creature comforts. Another reason may be that the majority of people haven’t been shown just how much their lifestyle negatively impacts the environment, and why it matters in the scheme of things.

Convincing the public that fast-food is an unhealthy eating habit, as several documentaries have shown, still hasn’t stopped people from catering to their taste buds. Neither will showing the benefits of an all-electric car versus a traditional gas vehicle. These steps aren’t enough, because they don’t show people how and why they must change their lifestyle.

Sometimes it takes radical steps for change to occur, such as gas shortages. The federal government has stated its desire to move away from dependence on oil. This will help put pressure on manufacturing companies to create alternative solutions, but these changes all take time.

We must all do our part to lead the charge towards an eco-friendly future by living through example. Teach your children why conscious living is important, and explain to your relatives why you opted for the new Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt instead of the traditional option.

Share your green adventures on blogs, and promote eco-friendly products wherever and whenever you can.

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