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Compare Cars to See which is Greener

Compare Cars to See which is Greener at RideNerd

Image source: RideNerd.com

By knowing more about the environmental impact of the next car you buy, you can get the greenest car for your money, and a new car comparison site aims to make that as easy as possible.

RideNerd makes comparing two vehicles simple and quick, because users can either enter the two cars they want to compare, or they can pick from a series of rankings, such as “Plug-in cars with the best range” or “Hybrids with the best MPG” and get the info they need with a single click.

“We have collected massive amounts of data, like environmental stats from the EPA, Fuelly, and auto manufacturers, as well as reviews from top automotive publications like Kelley Blue Book, Car & Driver, MotorTrend, AutoBlog, cars.com and The Car Connection.

All this data allows you to search different cars by things like fuel economy, smog rating, engine type and price.”

RideNerd offers scoring for affordability, fuel economy, air quality, climate friendliness, and an overall score for the compared vehicles, and offers benchmarks on real-world scenarios, such as the annual costs to operate them, as well as the specs for both cars. Reviews and ratings from other users are available as well, which may give some additional insight from actual owners of the vehicles.

Check out RideNerd and get help making your next car purchase as green as you can.

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