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When choosing a cell service provider, a company’s commitment towards eco-friendliness usually isn’t a major deciding factor for potential customers.

However, it’s important to note that some companies are making serious efforts to increase their green-ability. In the U.S., Sprint is rated the most eco-friendly telecom company, and is ranked the #3 Greenest Company in America.

They were also 2012’s Top Wireless Provider, and received the 2nd-highest overall score on the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index.

The service provider was also listed as one of the Top 20 Most Responsible U.S. Companies out of a list of 4,100 competitors.

Another notable service provider comes from Orange in the UK, where they’ve become one of the largest cell companies after a merger with T-Mobile UK. They’re dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions and landfill waste by 50% through the year 2015. They want to increase cell phone recycling by 10% each year until then, and enroll 20% of their employees in community programs like volunteer work and fundraising.

Almost all of the large cell phone providers have programs dedicated towards becoming a greener company. These programs have stemmed from the benefits of being known as an innovator in their field, or from pressure to conform to new energy standards. Often times, the worst offenders are small/startup cell companies who can’t afford to update their infrastructure. However, that is not always the case.

Credo Mobile, a relatively small cell provider who uses bandwidth from Sprint, has campaigned for the last 27 years to reduce our nation’s dependency on fossil fuels. They’ve also taken on a vast array of political and civil causes, such as ending warrantless wiretapping, and fighting for internet rights. They have proven that it doesn’t take a lot of money to stand up for a good cause.

In addition to phone companies becoming more eco-friendly, computer manufacturers and smartphone creators have also jumped on the wagon towards a better future.

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