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Compact, Lightweight, Rechargable Bike Light: USB Light

Compact, Lightweight, Rechargable Bike Light: USB Light

Image source: shop.bookman.se

To stay safe on a bike at night, the brighter the lights you have, and the more of them, the better. While it’s great to have a headlight to see where you’re riding, it’s also good practice to have one or more lights on the frame of your bike, or on your body itself, so that you’re more visible from the back or the side.

One great new choice for cyclists is the USB Light, which can be easily mounted or removed from just about anywhere on the bike, and come in five different colors for the fashion-minded.

“USB Light is compact, lightweight and surprisingly bright. It fits all bicycles and is quick and easy to attach to the handlebar or saddle pole with an elastic rubber band. Its large button on the upper side makes the light easy to turn on and off, even with gloves.” – Bookman

Compact, Lightweight, Rechargable Bike Light: USB Light

The USB Lights are weatherproof and made for year-round use, and are easily rechargeable via a micro-USB port on each one. Riders can choose between a steady light or a flashing light, with approximate runtimes of 5 hours/25 hours, respectively. The LEDs are said to be bright enough to be seen from over 500 meters away, and the rubber band mounting concept makes them simple to install.

Each pair consists of a front light with a white LED, a rear light with a red LED, and a USB cable for charging. USB Lights can be pre-ordered now, with delivery at the end of August, for the cost of €39 (about $52 USD).

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