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Coming Soon: Wireless Wind Meter for Smartphones

Taking accurate wind speed measurements anytime, anyplace, is about to get a whole lot easier, thanks to a new wind meter that’s in the process of being Kickstarted.

Being able to measure the speed of the wind at specific times and places can be a boon to many people, including kitesurfers, sailors, paragliders, and yes, even wind turbine owners. But the wind speeds reported from data stations may not be that accurate, due to local geological features and thermal conditions.

The folks behind Vaavud, a new wireless wind meter that connects to Android and iPhones, are kitesurfers who got frustrated at the inaccuracy of wind speed reports and decided to build their own. The Vaavud wind meter is precise and reliable, yet it contains no electronics or fragile parts, so it’s designed to stand up to regular use.

The big innovation for this device is in its ability to connect wirelessly to a phone, yet without using any sort of electronics inside it. According to their Kickstarter campaign, the secret is a couple of small magnets embedded in the rotor:

“The magnetic field sensor in the phone can detect when they rotate, and by using algorithms normally used for sound processing, the rotations can be converted to wind speed. Complicated engineering, made user friendly and simple. In fact, nobody has utilized the smartphone magnetometer in this way before.” – Vaavud

The meter plugs into the headphone jack of the phone, but only as a way to secure the device when it’s being used. According to TechCrunch, the anemometer has been calibrated for accuracy, using a wind tunnel at the University of Denmark.

Vaavud has taken to crowdfunding to help launch their device, which not only measures the wind, but can also share the readings online or let you view wind speeds from other users, which can be a big advantage for some activities (such as wind- or kitesurfing).

Find out more at Vaavud.

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