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Collapsible Lantern is Charged by Hand Crank

Collapsible Lantern is Charged by Hand Crank

Image source: momastore.org

This handy little portable lantern collapses down to less than 2 inches high for transport, and expands to become a 4 1/2″ high source of illumination, powered by a hand crank.

Whether you want a mobile light source that can operate without the need for disposable batteries or a cord for your next camping trip or just for a low-carbon reading light at home, the Wind Up Accordion Lantern, from designer Wu Jian Jun, might be just the ticket.

Powered either by cranking the handle or be charging via USB cable, this lantern can be used to light larger areas when fully expanded, or used as a flashlight when compressed, and at the price of just $28, is an affordable way to get a fossil-fuel-free light source. Get yours at the MoMA Store.

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