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Collapsible Bike Helmets Can Shrink by 50%

Collapsible Bike Helmets Can Shrink by 50%

Image source: www.closca.co

One of the problems with wearing a standard helmet for bicycle commuting is the question of what you’re going to do with it when you’re not on your bike. Once you get safely to your destination, it’s served its purpose and can be stashed somewhere until you need it again, but until now, there really hasn’t been a good solution for that, unless you count strapping it onto the side of your backpack or stuffing it under your desk.

But thanks to a new bike helmet design from Closca, urban riders can take off their helmet and collapse it down to half of its usual size so that it fits in the same space that a book would.

“Our first model – turtle – is an innovative and registered system capable of reducing its volume to less than 50% of the initial one; allowing a final flat book-like shape with just one movement, with no complex mechanism and in less than one second.

The folding system allows you to store the helmet in most messenger bags, back-packs, saddle-bags, shoulder-bags, etc.” – Closca

You might think that the words “collapsible” and “bike helmet” don’t belong in the same sentence, but according to Closca, their new foldable helmets meet all safety standards, and will be certified by both US and European agencies.

The Closca helmets not only solve the storage issue, but they also solve the fashion issue. Sure, bike helmets are safe, but they don’t exactly add anything to our wardrobe, as they always look like we’re wearing, well, a bike helmet.

Collapsible Bike Helmets Can Shrink by 50%

Image source: closca.co

The Closca features the ability to use different interchangeable textile covers, so they look more like a cap or hat than a helmet, and are offered in two different styles, for a total of six design choices. The company also says they’re offering “an open system” for the helmet covers, so users could make or source their own, and they will be looking to collaborate with clothing brands to increase the available options.

Find out more at Closca, or kick in at the $70 level to their Kickstarter campaign to get your own collapsible helmet.

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